Use Paint Color Chips to Remember Wall Color and Sheen

Why Didn't I Think of That?
September 10, 2020

Be sure and collect several color chips for each gallon of paint you purchase. They can be used in two different ways to help you remember the exact paint brand, color and sheen on each wall.

First check to see if the sheen of paint used is listed on the color chip. If not, write this important information with a permanent marker directly on the chip. Then tape the matching color chip to the inside of your light switch cover before replacing the plate. Be extra careful not to cut through any important information if you need to divide the color chip in half to make it fit.

A second color chip can be taped to either a canning jar or an empty can sold specifically for touch-up paint. Fill the jar or can with the matching paint before storing your larger gallon container. These smaller vessels are easier to use for any quick touch-ups if needed.

The movie When Fools Rush In originally inspired me to paint our home with rich, vibrant colors. As I worked my way through the house I constantly tried to find ways to make the job easier. Some of my ideas even impressed a professional painter friend. Stay tuned as I plan to share them all!

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