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January 21, 2023

We were shocked how many Italians thanked us for trying to speak their language. They guided us to special dining tables, brought amazing samples from the kitchen, and were blessed with friendly smiles all around. Some of the words and phrases we learned are listed below:

Buon giorno – Good morning
(The Italians greet you with buon giorno until 3:00 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. Although buon pomeriggio means good afternoon we never heard anyone use this greeting.)

Buona sera – Good afternoon
(The Italians greet you with buona sera from 4:00 p.m. until almost midnight. Buona notte is typically used when you are going to sleep.)

Buona notte – Good night

Buona giornata – Have a good day

Buona serata – Have a good evening

Ciao/Salve – Hello – The preferred greeting for a quick Hello is Salve.
(Only use ciao for hello if you know the person.)

Ciao/ Arriverderci – The preferred greeting for Goodbye is Arriverderci.
(Only use ciao for goodbye if you know the person.)

A presto – See you soon

A dopo – See you later

Altrettanto – Same to you

Mi chiamo – My name is

Sono di – I am from

Come ti chiami? – What is your name?

Piacere – Pleased to meet you

Piacere mio – Pleased to meet you too

Come sta – How are you?

Molto bene, grazie – Very well, thank you

Bene, grazie – E tu? – Fine, thank you, and you?

Per favore – Please

Mi scusi – Excuse me

Scusa – I’m sorry

Grazie – Thank you
(Remember to pronounce every syllable. Grazie is a three-syllable word.)

Grazie mille – Thank you very much

Molto grazie – Many thanks

Prego – You’re welcome

Perche? – Why?

Come? – How?

Quando?  – When?

Dove? – Where?

Quanto? – How much?

Quanti? – How many?

Si – Yes

Uno, due, tre – 1,2,3

Quatro, cinque, sei – 4,5,6

Sette, otto, nove – 7,8,9

Dieci – 10

Due biglietti, per favore – two tickets please

Un cappuccino, per favore – a coffee, please – this is cappuccino

Un café, per favore – a coffee, please – this is espresso

Panino – Sandwich

Non ho molta fame – I am not very hungry

Penso di no – I do not think so

Posso chioderle un informazione – May I ask for directions?

Mi puo aiuntare, per favore – Can you help me please?

Parlo Inglese – Do you speak English?

So soltianto un po di Italiano – I only speak a little Italian

Non capsico – I do not understand

Fermi qui, perfavore – Please stop here

Bagno – Bathroom

Dov’é il bagno? – Where is the bathroom?

Posso usare il bagno, per favore? – May I use the bathroom?

Dov’é la stazione? – Where is the train station?

Dov’é la banca? – Where is the bank?

É lontano? – Is it far?

Vorrei mangiare – I would like something to eat

Vorrei bere – I would like something to drink

Il ristorante – The restaurant

Il cameriere – The waiter

La lista dei vini – The wine list

Antipasto – Appetizer

Il primo – The first course

Il secondo – The second course

Il dolce – The dessert

Il conto, per favore – The check please

La mancia – The tip

Che ora é? – What time is it?

Lunedi – Monday

Martedi – Tuesday

Mercoledi – Wednesday

Giovedi – Thursday

Venerdi – Friday

Sabato – Saturday

Domenica – Sunday

Vowels – A-E-I-O-U / Pronounced the same as in Spanish

Double letter pronunciations:

ai – i as in ripe
au – ow as in now
ei – ay as in say
eu – ay as in say & oo as in noon
ia – ya as in yarn
ie – ye as in yet
io – yo as in yodel
iu – you
oi – oy as in boy
ua – wa as in wand
ue – we as in wet
uo – wa as in war
ui – wee as in sweet

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