Post Six: Traveling from the Venice Airport to the City of Venice

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January 18, 2022

Imagine that you arrive at the Venice Airport, tired from a long flight, and now you still have to clear Customs. Your hotel is located in Venice, and getting there is not just a ride share away. Make it easy on yourself and plan ahead.

The International Airport for Venice is located on the mainland, approximately 13 kilometers away from Venice. You can travel to Venice by a Land Bus, by a Water Bus, or by a Water Taxi. Of course there are private boats, but what fun is that?

Taking a Water Taxi may sound like the least expensive choice, but they are more expensive than Land Buses and Water Buses. The Land Buses are a great option however the Water Buses are more fun. Plus, you’re headed to Venice. It’s time to get your feet wet and learn to navigate the waters!

The Water Buses have 3 separate lines referred to as the Red Line, the Blue Line, and the Orange Line. Each Water Bus has a yellow bottom with the name Alilaguna clearly marked on the side. Before leaving for your holiday in Italy it is important to know the name of your Alilaguna stop, and which line services that precise stop. Your hotel should be able to provide you with this information in advance. The Alilaguna website is simple to use, and the different lines and stops are easy to locate.

Two weeks before leaving for Venice we made our Alilaguna one-way reservations. They provided us with a voucher that was good for any day, and any line. After clearing Customs at the Venice airport we followed the signs for the Alilaguna boat dock, and were initially a bit overwhelmed by the activity. Vendors with water taxi signs were trying to direct us one way, while crowds of confused tourists looked for a place to purchase their Alilaguna tickets.

As instructed on the Alilaguna website we saw a clearly marked Alilaguna voucher window. There were no lines, so we walked right up and presented our prepaid voucher. The agent provided us with the Alilaguna tickets, directed us where to stand, and reminded us to select the proper Red, Blue, or Orange Line.

We were able to board our Alilaguna Water Bus while most of the other airline passengers were waiting in long lines to purchase tickets. So far, so good!

Getting around the Grand Canal in Venice was just as easy, and ever so fun! I will explain more in another posting. Ciao, ciao!

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