Post Four: What to Pack for Your Italian Holiday

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August 16, 2021

You can do it! Each person should bring a rolling carryon suitcase, and a small backpack. That is it! My husband and I traveled for 16 days, dressed nicely for dinner, and never had to wash clothes. You will thank me when you are rolling just one suitcase to and from the train stations along the uneven streets of Italy.

We each packed 3 pairs of casual pants, 1 pair of shorts, and a combination of 5 long and short sleeved T-Shirts. My husband packed 3 dress slacks, 2 dress shirts, and 1 sweater. He wore his dress shoes and jacket on the plane.

My dress clothes consisted of 2 jersey-knit dresses and a black pantsuit. I also wore my coat and boots on the plane. We both packed tennis shoes and one other pair of casual shoes, all filled with underwear, panties and socks.

Most of the hotels do offer laundry service but it is very expensive. Finding a Laundromat is easy if you really need to wash. They also remain open very late! Ciao, ciao!

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