Four Thieves Massage Oil & More!

Natural, Healthy, Homemade
February 9, 2023

Four Thieves massage oil is another homemade favorite. Begin by mixing the essential oils necessary to make your Four Thieves base oil. (The complete recipe for Four Thieves Oil can be found in my August 3, 2020 post.) The next step is easy:

  • 12 Drops Four Thieves Oil
  • 2 Ounces Aura Casia Jojoba Natural Skin Care Oil

We use this recipe as both a topical foot massage oil, and as a chest rub.

As mentioned in previous postings, our essential oils are purchased from  The Aura Casia Jojoba Natural Skin Care Oil can be purchased from, and many other local stores.

Always remember to shake well before, and during each use.

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