Stop Using Toxic Dryer Sheets AND Save Money!

It is not difficult to discover the many problems associated with dryer sheets. One quick Internet search provides alarming information. In my “Ants in the Pantry” blog posting, I even explain how to use dryer sheets as an ant repellent. (A toxic red flag!) There are wonderful natural alternatives, and not all are homemade.

The most economical dryer sheet is one you make yourself, but I know many who do not want to take the time. Trader Joes sells a pack of four Lavender Dryer Bags for $3.99. Since each bag is typically good for 15 to 20 loads, the price calculates to 80 loads for $3.99. This is a great alternative!

If you are ready to make your own dryer sheets, there is a simple, inexpensive and effective way. First, you will need a wide mouth quart glass jar with a good sealing lid. In that jar, pour two cups of distilled white vinegar and fifty drops of lavender essential oil. Shake it well, label, and set aside.

Next, I have four, white inexpensive facecloths reserved just for dryer sheets. They are super easy to find for a great price.

When it is time to dry your clothes, shake the drying solution well, open the lid and lower half of a facecloth into the solution. Then, wring it out over the jar so none is wasted. You want the facecloth wet, but not soaking. If you lower only half of the facecloth into the solution, by the time you wring it out, the entire facecloth is usually perfect for use. If there is a dry part, simply wet that portion, and wring it out a second time. It really helps to have a wide mouth jar. That is it! Your clothes will smell clean and fresh, naturally, and any vinegar smell dissipates in the dryer.

You really only need one facecloth, but I like to have several on hand. Extra facecloths make it easier when drying more than one load. Plus, if you want your clothes to dry more quickly, toss two of the dry facecloths in with your wet clothes. They will help soak up the moisture as your clothes tumble.

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Book Teaser: Circumvent

Book Teaser: Circumvent

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