Pest Free Plants by Doing Nothing!

When we moved from a condominium into a row home, I was excited about having a small garden. My husband and I designed the look of our tiny yard, and then selected and planted a beautiful assortment. Within weeks, the bugs arrived. We then made the big mistake of trying to control them. When one bug was destroyed, another took its place. Gardening quickly became an unwanted chore.

Shortly thereafter we visited the San Diego Zoo on one of their early morning openings. To our good fortune, we saw one of their horticulturists at work. I looked at the beautiful bug free plants and asked how the Zoo controlled the insects. They do nothing! The horticulturist explained how it is best to do nothing, and let nature take care of nature. If one type of pest is eradicated, the insects that eat the eradicated pest will move to another plant. When the food source is gone, so are the insects that consume the food source. This will leave the poor plant open for another pest to invade, and the cycle begins again.

We tried the Zoo’s method, and what a difference! We have bugs galore, but none are destroying our plants. Every so often there is a white fly infestation on one part of a specific plant. We simply cut off the infected leaf as suggested by the Zoo’s horticulturist, and the plant is pest free for another year.

A recent tweet by the San Diego Zoo read, “Our plant collection is worth more monetarily than our animals.” Their animals are amazing, so you can only imagine the beauty of their gardens! Please come for a visit.

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Book Teaser: Circumvent

Book Teaser: Circumvent

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