No Need to be Blue over Black Socks!

Tell the difference between black and blue socks – even in the dark!

When attempting to get dressed in the early morning hours, sometimes it is impossible to tell the difference between black and blue socks, or black and blue tights or leggings. Taking your socks, tights or leggings into a brightly lit room often does not help. The absolute best way to tell the difference between the two colors is in the bright afternoon sunlight. Here is your tip:

After washing and drying your socks, tights or leggings, do not fold or put them away until you can do so in the daylight. Natural light is the only true way to distinguish between the two colors. Once paired, roll your blue socks, tights or leggings, and fold your black ones. It is as simple as that! Roll the blue and stack the black! If necessary, you can even get ready in the dark. If you want blue, check for the roll. If you want black, check for the fold.

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Book Teaser: Circumvent

Book Teaser: Circumvent

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