Homemade All Natural Whipped Skin Moisturizer Thanks to Sharon from The Herb Factory

We are in for a treat! Sharon from The Herb Factory is sharing the recipe for her amazing Whipped Skin Moisturizer. She uses this fantastic recipe on her hands and face, for skin irritations, and even as a hair flyaway tamer. This moisturizer does it all! Here is the recipe:

· 5 ounces Organic Shea Butter

· 1 ounce Organic Raw Coconut Oil

· 6 drops Organic Essential Oil – The Herb Factory recommends French Lavender

Use an oven proof metal or glass bowl large enough to melt and whip all in the same bowl. This recipe may be doubled, or even tripled. Remember that the volume will increase when you start the whipping process.

Begin by melting the Shea Butter in a 150-degree oven. Closely watch the Shea Butter until it is just melted. It typically takes from ten to twenty minutes. Remove from the oven, and add the Coconut Oil. Thoroughly mix with a spoon until the Coconut Oil is melted. Cool until the mixture has the texture of soft butter. (You may place it in the refrigerator to speed up the cooling process.)

Whip/beat with an electric mixer for between five and ten minutes until the mixture becomes the consistency of frosting. Add the desired Essential Oil and whip/beat again until thoroughly combined.

Your Natural Whipped Skin Moisturizer is now ready for packaging. The Herb Factory uses Wide Mouth 8 Ounce Mason Jars. Be certain to label with both the ingredients and the date prepared.

Store in a cold place as Raw Coconut Oil liquefies at only 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thank you again to Sharon of The Herb Factory! Enjoy!

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Book Teaser: Circumvent

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