Getting rid of Gnats! Home Gnat Trap

Here is another great solution to a pesky problem! Some might consider them “extra protein,” but I really do not like gnats going for a swim in my glass of red wine! Before inventing our own solution, we tried several found online. This one works better! In addition, you can enjoy a banana before you set up your trap.

First eat a banana and save the peel. Place the banana peel in a gallon sized zip close storage bag and roll the top so the bag stays open. Place the bag on your kitchen counter in an area that attracts the gnats. When the gnats congregate on the banana, quickly press the bag together in order to seal the opening.

Some may wish to take the closed bag outside to free the little pests, while others may decide to squish or squash them. The choice is yours, and I promise not to judge!

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Book Teaser: Circumvent

Book Teaser: Circumvent

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