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Reading and writing have always been my passion. I may be a great organizer, but only as a way to provide the extra time to enjoy life.

Perhaps my housekeeping and organizational skills come from my mother. Downton Abbey fans know how effective the British are at maintaining a spotless household! Even with four children, Mum could clean with the best of them. (Coincidentally, we lived around the corner from Buckingham Palace.) Cleaning was fun for us children also, as many of our chores were turned into games. When I share these stories with my friends, so many ask why I haven’t written a book. I did! However, it is a Mystery Romance rather than a book on organizing. Instead, I will venture to share many of my ideas with you in this blog format.

Keeping with my idea that good organizing skills can provide extra time, I shall add to this writing as I tackle many other responsibilities. There are projects that I work on a bit each day, while others are attended to once per week. Others still, are addressed once a month, once a quarter or even once per year. It is my goal to add to this writing approximately every other week.

Now, for the first lesson in organizing, please remember to forgive yourself. No matter what type of goal you set, do not pile on extra stress if the goal is not reached. For example, if you set a goal to walk for fifteen minutes each day, and one day you run out of energy, do not plan on making up for the missed day by setting a goal to walk thirty minutes on the following day. Your goal was fifteen minutes, and the goal should not change. Imagine if you kept adding to the original goal. Fifteen minutes would increase to thirty, then forty-five, and so on. If it is difficult to walk for fifteen minutes, talking yourself into going on an hour long walk will be next to impossible!

Hopefully, you will get to read more in a couple of weeks. I am also hoping to explain the divide by four method of conquering the housework. If I do not return in two weeks, I plan to forgive myself and write more when I am able. Before closing, here is a tip for keeping workout and yoga mats clean:

Always fold the mat in half before rolling. If a mat is rolled without first being folded, the underside of the mat that touched the floor, is now pressed against the top side of the mat. Instead, first fold the mat by bringing one end to meet the other. The clean top sides are now protected inside. When the mat is rolled in this folded position, the underside of the mat that touched the floor is now pressed against the same underside.

Book Teaser: Circumvent

Book Teaser: Circumvent

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