Divide and Conquer – House Cleaning Made Easy

For years I have used what is referred to as the Divide and Conquer system for cleaning our home. 

Since many of my friends also agree that it works, I decided it must be a system worth sharing:

Mentally divide your home into four sections.  The sections for a larger home might include:

Section one:    Master bedroom and bathroom.
Section two:    Two bedrooms and second bathroom.
Section three:  Living room and family room.
Section four:   Kitchen and dining room.

The sections for a smaller home might include:

Section one:    Bedroom.
Section two:    Bathroom.
Section three:  Living room.
Section four:   Kitchen and dining area.

The same Divide and Conquer system works for both large and small residences.  Although there are fewer number of rooms per section in a smaller home, the rooms are often more difficult to clean due to the lack of storage space.

The three types of cleaning with the Divide and Conquer system are Quick Clean, Good Clean and Great Clean.  In this posting, only Quick Clean and Good Clean will be explained.  Good Clean means to vacuum carpets, sweep and mop floors, move all items to dust, clean bathtubs, showers, toilets, sinks, and mirrors.  Do a good job of cleaning, but do not take the time to clean out the refrigerator, cabinets or drawers.  Quick Clean is best described as “a rush job before company comes over!”

This Divide and Conquer system is based upon a four-week period of time.  There are four sections and four weeks.  Each week, Good Clean one section, and Quick Clean the other three sections.  It’s that simple!  The following week, Good Clean the next section and Quick Clean the other three sections.  It is best to clean a little each day, rather than save it all for your day off.  Instead, go out and have fun knowing that within four weeks, every section of your home will have received a good cleaning!

Typically, at this point there are lots of questions.  Be sure and check the next posting where the Divide and Conquer system will be explained in greater detail.

Book Teaser: Circumvent

Book Teaser: Circumvent

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